Production Management Tool - PMT

In the beginning it was just the wish to optimize our workflow and communication with each other. We worked and still work extensively with the standard software of the industry, but at the same time we code our own personalized software. Our first development is a tool that streamlines the communication between animators, directors, producers and clients involved in the animation process - PMT. The development of PMT makes us really proud. It is intuitive and visually very attractive. The workflow is logically organized with separate assets and bridges between the departments of the animation process. All of them are always on top of the production process. This software is technically strong for the developers and at the same time very user friendly for the artists.


This is a tool for the production stages and continuity. So we can follow up the different production status and stages for comparing instantaneously the different phases per shot or sequences without any manual upload and giving the possibility to the supervisors and director to make notes and send it directly to the animation software.



We are pioneers when it comes to working on real-time. Using all the advantages of the real-time in unity we are able to offer a high-quality workflow but taking advantage also of the standard industry render engines. The combination of the two worlds gives us a high-end power in the final look with the possibilities of giving ​​more competitive budgets.


b.Water is one of the first studios in the world developing a 100% real-time production using Unreal Engine and Unity for high quality animation reducing especially the render time and compositing stages to almost 0.



Our creatives stay on top of the newest animation techniques and use them in our productions. The motion capture technique for example helped us to create a movie and a TV series. We also have the tools and knowledge to handle any kind of production based on the AR, VR and XR technology.


Fulldome is a new extraordinary medium which is particularly suitable for conveying valuable, educational and entertaining content. With the innovative 360-degree projection system, the content and images have a far stronger impact on audience compared with a flat screen. The audience are effectively placed in the middle of what is going on, enjoying an unparalleled audio-visual and emotional experience which leaves a deep impression on them. We have developed special visual effects to render changes in distance and speed plastic. In this way, the cinematographic experience in the dome leads to an expansion of consciousness in terms of content and also at the technical level.

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