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When I started in animation in the 90ties, everything was still on paper. Looking back in terms of speed it seems like cars were not yet invented and we were still riding on horseback. Since then a huge development has been going on and still continues to unfold exciting new tools for creativity. I always feel a great urge to get better and better images and to enhance our production capabilities, since the beginning I am continually pushing for ways to improve the work flows and pipelines. And I shared my passion for this with the team and besides creativity it became a strong focus in our activities.
It also happens that we were the first to utilise Unreal for a premium TV series, and from there went straight to do the first premium series worldwide with Unity. We also created and programmed our own production management software, since we’re
not happy with the standards of the market, and we were the first to make
a full TV series with Blender.
On the way, our projects have been winning awards in the New York Film and
Palm Springs Festival, and many others. This is an exciting journey! I suppose
that one day our tools and pipelines may be like space ships in comparision
to the paper days.
But one thing that has not changed is the joy of seeing all the puzzle pieces coming together to form an episode or a film out of a first rough idea. Each production stage is full of creativity and excitement – it doesn’t matter whether is done on paper or in digital, 2D or 3D, for a short film, a TV series or a movie. Every day, it is a huge pleasure to be a part of this, and I share this passion with my team.
We love animation.

Dirk Hampel CEO

Dirk started in animation in the 90ties. He has been working his way to production manager and overseas supervisor. He build up various studios until founding B Water Studios, which has been growing ever since. He has also worked as a director for TV series for channels such as Nickelodeon and ZDF, and has been successfully writing comics and children books. His comic Geoge & Cool had 2 million readers weekly over 5 years. One of this last books: The Magic of my Name has sold over 500.000 copies so far.


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Contact for new projects: Dirk Hampel +33 626 61 14 42 dh@b-waterstudios.com

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